Maths - AxisAngle to Matrix - Subject: Error?

From: "Tim Milstead"
To: "Martin Baker"
Subject: Error?
Date: 30 January 2003 14:42


Thank you for your very good web site.
However I think I may have found an error in your code to convert an axis angle to a matrix (the other way round is fine).
My code was producing the wrong results and I looked around to see if someone else had a formula.
I found one that appears to work at

It is very similar to yours other than some signs and terms different.


From: "Martin Baker"
To: "Tim Milstead"
Subject: Re: Error?
Date: 30 January 2003 18:44


Thank you very much for letting me know about this.

I have put a derivation on the page, and used this to correct the code, so
hopefully everything is now correct.

Diana Grubers paper about the rotation matrix looks very good, thanks for
the link, I think I'll include it on some of my web pages.


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