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Algebraic geometry is about applying geometrical constructions to algebraic problems.

Or, to turn this around, its about geometric structures defined by polynomials.
  • Set theory has functions.
  • Topology has continuous functions.
  • Differential geometry has smooth functions.
  • Analytic geometry has analytic functions.
  • Algebraic geometry has polynomial functions.
Main objects in algebraic geometry are algebraic varieties.


Fields Medal Lecture: Classification of algebraic varieties — Caucher Birkar — ICM2018 Youtube.

Algebraic geometry - Richard E. BORCHERDS

  1. Introduction -
  2. Two cubic curves -
  3. Bezout, Pappus, Pascal -
  4. Kakeya sets -
  5. Affine space and the Zariski topology -
  6. Noetherian spaces -
  7. weak nullstellensatz -

Computational Algebraic Geometry



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