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By: Nobody/Anonymous - nobody
file Error in convert Eulers to Axis Angle  
2004-12-22 23:59

Big thanks for making all this material available; it just helped me with a problem I'd been going crazy over. 
On the page: 
The code: 
angle = 2 * Math.acos(c1c2c3 - s1s2s3); 
should be: 
angle = 2 * Math.acos(w); 
And the code: 
x =/ norm; 
y =/ norm; 
z =/ norm; 
should be: 
x /= norm; 
y /= norm; 
z /= norm; 

By: Martin Baker - martinbaker
file RE: Error in convert Eulers to Axis Angle  
2004-12-23 08:08

Thanks very much, I have made the corrections. 

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