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A poset can be represented by a directed graph where there is 0 or 1 (but not more than one) arrows between the nodes.

For example if we have a relation between two elements 'p' and 'q':

p >= q   Then we write an arrow   p->q


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Non-strict partial order

A non-strict partial order is also known as an antisymmetric preorder.

Strict partial order

A strict partial order is also known as a strict preorder.

Isotone Maps

An isotone map preserves the ordering.

Fixpoint and W-completeness

W-complete - each well-ordered subset of P has a supremum.

A partially ordered set P is W-complete iff each selfmap of P has a fixpoint.

That is W-completeness implies a fixpoint and a fixpoint implies W-completeness.

To get an intuitive feel try to construct a map without a fixpoint.

  • The top element cant map to itself so let it go to the element below.
  • The next element down cant map to the top element since an isotone map must preserve the ordering. So again it must map to (at least) the element below.
  • If we continue like this then, sooner or later, we will run out of elements.

So there must be at least one fixpoint.

fixpoint diagram

Existence of minimal or maximal fixpoint



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