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A morphism between graphs is required to preserve structure, so,

A morpism between preordered sets is:

  • monotone if x->y implies f(x)->f(y).
  • antitone if x->y implies f(y)->f(x).


  • x->y represents an edge from x to y.
function between preordered sets

So a morphism between graphs maps nodes to nodes and edges to edges in a way the preserves the structure.

Decision Problem

Deciding if there is a morphism between graphs is an NP-complete problem. That is:

Deciding if there is an isomorphism between graphs is also an important problem in computational complexity theory.

Hom Sets

We will use the notation:


to denote all the possible morphisms from graph 'A' to graph 'X'.

Properties of Morphisms of Graphs

Graph Colourings

Graph colourings are an example of a graph-morphism where each node maps to a given colour.

Endomorphisms on Graphs


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