Scenegraph - Tutorial - Compiling

Scenegraph graphics has been in FriCAS since FriCAS 1.1.1 but I sometimes update this code so if you need the latest version you can install it as follows.

To install this code goto github and download the file:


Then, from that file, split them into individual SPAD files:

where 'document' is the script that you find in the build directory of your fricas compilation.


Then compile them:

)co sceneptc
)co scenecart
)co scenearg
)co scenecf
)co sceneifs
)co scenenp
boot $bootStrapMode := true
co scenetr
boot $bootStrapMode := false
)co scenetr
)co scenebd
)co xmlat
)co xmlel
)co xml
)co scene


If you have previosly compiled the files on your computer then, each time you start FriCAS, you need to load them as follows:

)library SPTCAT
)library SPTCAT-
)library SCRT
)library SARGND
)library SCONF
)library SCIFS
)library SCNP
)library STR
)library SBOUND
)library XMLAT
)library XMLEL
)library XML
)library SCENE


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