Maths - Multivector Determinant

The determinant in 'n' dimentions is the exterior product of 'n' vectors, this gives the multipier of the pseudoscalar. For instance:

The geometric interpretation of this is shown on this page.

To illustrate this we will start with 2 dimensions:

Two dimensions

Imagine we want to find the directed area enclosed by the parallelogram between two vectors in a plane then we can take the '/\' product:

determinant in 2d

For example if the two vectors are:

2 e1 + 5 e2
3 e1 + 4 e2

then the directected area is the bivector part of:

(2 e1 + 5 e2) /\ (3 e1 + 4 e2)

Assuming we are working in euclidean space, that is e1 and e2 both square to +1, then we get:

2 e1 /\ 3 e1 + 5 e2 /\ 3 e1+ 2 e1 /\ 4 e2 + 5 e2 /\ 4 e2

but the exterior product of common terms is zero: e1 /\ e1= e2 /\ e2 = 0 so the result is:

(2*4 - 5*3) e12

So the bivector part is 2*4 - 5*3, in matrix notation this is:

2 5
3 4

In the more general case, if we have two vectors (Ax,Ay) and (Bx,By) then the directed area will be (in matrix notation):

Ax Ay
Bx By
= A /\ B

Note: we can put the e1 and e2 operators inside this notation:

Ax e1 Ay e2
Bx e1 By e2

which expands to give:

(Ax e1)(By e2) - (Ay e1)(Bx e2) = (Ax*By - Ay*Bx)e12

Order is important here so the determinant is defined as top-left* bottom-right - bottom-left *top-right

Can this be generalised to 'n' dimensions?

Ax Ay Az
Bx By Bz
Cx Cy Cz
= Ax
By Bz
Cy Cz
- Ay
Bx Bz
Cx Cz
+ Az
Bx By
Cx Cy

and recursing down to the next level gives:

|M| = Ax By Cz + Ay Bz Cx + Az Bx Cy - Ax Bz Cy - Ay Bx Cz - Az By Cx

A /\ B /\ C = (Ax e1 + Ay e2+ Az e3) /\ (Bx e1 + By e2+ Bz e3) /\ (Cx e1 + Cy e2+ Cz e3)

= (Ax*By e12+ Ax*Bz e13
- Ay*Bx e12 + Ay*Bz e23
+ Az*Bx e31 - Az*By e23) /\ (Cx e1 + Cy e2+ Cz e3)

= ((Ax*By- Ay*Bx) e12+ (Az*Bx-Ax*Bz) e31
+ (Ay*Bz - Az*By) e23)) /\ (Cx e1 + Cy e2+ Cz e3)

= (Ax*By- Ay*Bx)e12 (Cx e1 + Cy e2+ Cz e3)
+ (Az*Bx-Ax*Bz)e31 (Cx e1 + Cy e2+ Cz e3)
+ (Ay*Bz - Az*By) e23)(Cx e1 + Cy e2+ Cz e3)

= (Ax*By- Ay*Bx)Cz e123 + (Az*Bx-Ax*Bz)Cy e312 + (Ay*Bz - Az*By)Cx e231

so the resulting pseudoscalar term is:

Ax*By*Cz- Ay*Bx*Cz + Az*Bx*Cy-Ax*Bz*Cy+ Ay*Bz*Cx - Az*By*Cx

which has the same form as |M| above with a few sign changes, I must have reversed the order somewhere.

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