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By: nobody ( Nobody/Anonymous )
file Rotation matrix about arbitrary vector WRONG  
2003-11-12 20:16

Refer to this page:

The matrix given for rotation about a unit vector is wrong. it should be:

[ (aVx^2+c) (aVxVy+sVz) (aVxVz-sVy) ]
[ (aVxVy-sVz) (aVy^2+c) (aVyVz+sVx) ]
[ (aVxVz+sVy) (aVyVz-sVx) (aVz^2+c) ]


By: martinbaker ( Martin Baker )
file RE: Rotation matrix about arbitrary vector WRONG  
2003-11-13 09:41


Thanks very much for this correction, I have updated the web page.


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