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Possible issues that could cause problems, this is not a comprehensive list just some problems that I have come across. Note: since I happen to be using linux these issues apply to that OS, so you may need to modify if you are using other operating systems.

Java Runtime Environment

In order to access the local database requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) be installed and available, if not you may get one of the following errors:

The connection to the data source could not be established.

no sdbc

One possible reason is that there is no JRE selected. See selecting the JRE below.

JRE is Defective

jre defective

A JRE is selected but Base is having a problem using it. This might be because you are using a non-Sun JRE.


Selecting the JRE

To select the JRE goto the menu and click Tools - Options to bring up the following dialog:

jre options

Make sure that 'Use a Java runtime environment' is checked and click on the radio button against the runtime environment you want to use.

If this does not work here are some things to try:

start base from command line

Try starting the programs from the command line:

user@suse103:~> oobase
javaldx failed!
user@suse103:~> ooweb
javaldx failed!
user@suse103:~> oocalc
javaldx failed!

Do you get the javaldx failed! message? Try the same thing when logged on as a different user. In this way you should be able to work out if it is a user configuration issue.


As suggested by James: try logging in as root and then typing : update-alternatives --auto java

In case SUSE's java had broken symlinks related to its java installations

Delete .ooo-2.0 directory

If the problem effects a single user then you could try deleting the .ooo-2.0 directory in the users home directory. This is a hidden file (starts with '.') so you need to enable viewing of hidden files. Warning: this will delete your configuration for all open office programs, next time the program is run the these configuration files will be created with the default setup.

Reinstall openOffice and/or JRE

If the problem effects all users you may need to reinstall openOffice and/or JRE.

Add additional JRE

Try pushing the 'add' button in Bases options dialog and trying to select some of the JREs in /etc/alternatives such as /etc/alternatives/jre_1.4.2

select path

But this just gave the message "The folder you selected does not contain a Java runtime environment. Please select a different folder."

folder not java

No Data

The data content could not be loaded.

base no data

I saw this problem when I upgraded from SUSE 10.1 to SUSE 10.2 and hence upgraded to a new version of Base. I could not find an answer to this (apart from reverting back to an older version of base).

This underlines the problem of relying on a local database (.odb) file as there seems to be no guarantee that newer versions of base will be able to read it.

It may therefore be better to use a backend database program such as mySQL and use Base to read it.

metadata block
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