Relational Databases - An Example - Setting up a form

This page follows on from importing data page.

Click on 'Forms' in 'Database' pane. Then click on 'Use Wizard to Create Form' in 'Tasks' pane.

form 1

This brings up the following wizard:

form 2

press '>>' to select all fields and press 'next'.

form 3

We don't need a subform yet so just press 'next'.

form 4

Choose arrangement and press next.

form 5

I want to all all possible changes, so chose the options above and press next.

form 6

select a style and press next.

form 7

I chose the name 'byWeightQuantities' and press Finish:

form 8

This gives the above layout and adds the form 'byWeightQuantity' to the Forms pane.

form 9

I want to move around the items on the form and change some of them so I right clicked on this and selected 'edit'

form 10

I dragged the item 'hydrod' to the bottom so that it is not on its own on the left. I also moved the fields a bit closer together so that the form is a bit smaller. I want to change some of the controls, however when I try to change their properties I can't see any meaningful properties to change. After a long time I finally worked out that the control and its label are grouped together and when I look at the properties then I am looking at the properties of the group. The only way I could find to get around this was to ungroup the controls and their labels:

form 11

Since the 'type' field has a limited number of options I want to change it to a Combo box:

form 12

However, when I tried to 'drop down' the combo box nothing happened. so I edited its properties as follows:

form 13

I set 'Drop down' to Yes. Under the Data tab I tried to enter the valid items into the 'List content' without much success.

form 14

In the end I found this worked by setting 'List content' to 'byWeightQuantities' I guess it must generate the list content automatically from the data in the database?

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