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This page follows on from normalising the data page.

Having normalised the database we now need to change the form so that it can show the complete information for a product including the linked table. It therefore needs to show upto 2 byWeightQuantities. This will allow us to enter the complete information for a product in one screen.

I found the best way was to run the 'Form Wizard' to create a now form from scratch.

As the main form we select all the fields from the product table:

linked form 1

We want to add a Subform to show the 'byWeightQuantities':

linked form 2

For the subform we select all the fields in the 'byWeightQuantities' table:

linked form 3

We use the barcode fields to link the tables:

linked form 4

I used the following arrangements:

linked form 5

I allowed the entries to be edited:

linked form 6

Enter style:

linked form 7

Call this form 'product' :

linked form 8

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