An Example - Exporting to a mySQL database

There can problems with of relying on a local database (.odb) file as you can see on the troubleshooting page. It may therefore be better to use a backend database program such as mySQL and use Base to read it. There are also other possible benefits of holding our data in mySQL such as creating dynamic websites.

So we will therefore migrate our data to mySQL but still use the base program as a front end.

Warning - I am still working on this page so please don't try to follow it yet - I would welcome any help.

The fist thing we need to do is install mysql on the same computer that you have the openoffice installed (assuming its not already installed). I happen to be using openSUSE so I installed it using YAST. Install mysql itself and the client tools including mysql-administrator:

mysql install

If you are using a different distribution you will need to follow the procedures for that or load and install from the mysql site.


For setting up mysql see this page:


In my case once installed mysql administrator appeared in KMenu under system. Starting this up gives:

open mysql

Under 'Stored Connection' select 'Open connection Editor':

mysql preferences

Click on Add Connection:

mysql add



metadata block
see also:

mysql migration toolkit


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