Eclipse Environment for Aldor

Here I have put some information about my experiments with Peter Broadberys Eclipse development environment for Aldor. This is a set of eclipse plugins for developing aldor code.

To install this environment:

Goto Peters github page and click on 'releases' there's a tarball (green button) which is the compiled version with the plugins ready to go. The git repo is the source code corresponding to it.

Unzip to a local directory (I just left it set to aldor-eclipse.0.0.3).  
Start eclipse, goto Help/Install new software  

Click on Add (near top right corner), then Add a local repository, Location is where you unpacked the files earlier.

May need to unselect the 'list items by category' option.

Set "Work with" to the newly added rep (if it hasn't defaulted to it)  
You may need to unselect 'Group Items by Category'  
Pick aldor from the list.. If there is two, pick both.  

Click install, and work through the various prompts. Creating a project:

This will prompt for a name, and then create an empty project. If the aldor plugin is installed, there should be a 'Configure/Add Aldor Nature' item (or similar).. add this,

right-click on "filename" and click "Configure --> Enable Aldor builder".

goto the menu "Project --> Properties" and set the "Aldor Location".

then create an .as file in your project.


To Use:


File->New->Aldor->Aldor Project. aldor-eclipse



Compilation errors are displayed in the 'Problems' view. All aldor output (including errors) is sent to the console tab.

I entered this program which is the first from the Aldor sample programs:
#include "aldor"

double(n: Integer): Integer == n + n

This gave the following errors in the console tab:

[AO] /home/martin/aldorbinary/bin/aldor -laldor=aldor-generated/ao/
          -Fao=aldor-generated/ao/ /home/martin/workspace/aldor/
/home/martin/aldorbinary/bin/aldor -laldor=aldor-generated/ao/
            -Fao=aldor-generated/ao/ /home/martin/workspace/aldor/ 
#1 (Warning) Could not use archive file `aldor-generated/ao/'.
#2 (Warning) Could not open file `aldor-generated/ao/'.

No issues in the 'Problems' tab:


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