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By: fullbull2 (orankelium) - 2006-12-03 09:07
On page 
you ask how /dev/ircomm permissions are set automatically. 
Here is one answer: 
Edit file /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules, 
find line containing 'ircomm'. 
It looks like this: 
KERNEL=="ircomm*",NAME="%k", GROUP="uucp" 
Append ', MODE="666"' to the line: 
KERNEL=="ircomm*", NAME="%k", GROUP="uucp", MODE="666" 
After next boot your /dev/ircomm0's mode is 666. 
Another way is adding your regular user to group 'uucp'. 
Not every user but you would get read and write permissions 
to every serial port. Could be done following this path: 
Yast -> 
Security and users -> 
User management -> 
Select user -> 
Edit -> 
Details -> 
Groups -> 
Select 'uucp' 

By: Martin Baker (martinbakerProject Admin) - 2006-12-03 11:04
Thanks very much, the Yast option worked very well, I will update the web page to include your message. 
One question about the other option, on my system the filename is: 
Should I create 
and make a copy with the edit or just edit the default file and not create a new file? 
There is also another file: 
but I guess that does not control the security? 

By: fullbull2 (orankelium) - 2006-12-03 11:32
My suggestion is not to mess the udev/rules.d directory with new files, 
but find the right line with 'ircomm*' in either 50-udev-default.rules or 
52-irda.rules and try adjusting it there. 
It should not make any damage to experiment with just the modes. 
Our SuSE 10.0 versions are a bit different, mine does not have those 
files so I can't give better advice.

By: Martin Baker (martinbakerProject Admin) - 2006-12-04 07:08
50-udev-default.rules has the line you described so I'll try changing that. I am working on 10.1 at the moment so I guess that's the reason for the difference (in other respects setting up the ir device in SUSE 10.1 is very similar to 10.0). 
Thanks again, 

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