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I try to avoid touching components by their electrical contacts, but just in case, I used an anti-static wrist strap.

The problem is: where do I connect the earth lead too? I connected it to a metal part as it seemed to be connected back to the circuit board, I assume the earth/0v plane?

anti static

First, install the CPU, this seems like the dangerous bit as there is the potential to damage the contacts on the motherboard.

So I released the clamp by pushing down and then away from the socket.

cpu socket
Open the lid (but don't remove the plastic cover). cpu socket open

Unpack the CPU (as shown on this page).

Drop the CPU into the socket, without touching any pins.

Note the CPU fits between the notches at the top left and right of the socket.

Now close the clamp lever. cpu
The plastic cover now falls off. cpu

Install Motherboard Tray

Before installing the cooler I thought it best to install the motherboard tray. This makes sure there is a gap below the board.

Fix the motherboard to the tray with 6 screws from the bag of screws that came with the case. tray
The motherboard attached to the tray. tray

Install Cooler (Heatsink/Fan Assembly)

The cooler came with thermal paste already applied so I did not need to apply any (be careful not to touch it).

Insert the cooler and push down on the 4 corner mechanisms.

These should be pushed down until the black plastic pins separate the white plastic to hold it in place/ cooler
Then twist to lock in place. cooler
Plug in fan cable and make sure wires are secured so they can't touch any moving or hot parts. cooler

Install Memory

I unpacked the memory (as shown on this page).

The memory slots have a clip that folds back at one end.

RAM memory
When this is done, inset the memory cards. RAM memory

Insert all 4 memory cards and close the clips.

(If you use less cards then use the slots suggested in the manual)

RAM memory

I then went on to connect up enough of the components to test out the computer with the motherboard outside the case as described on this page.

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