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flag flag flag flag flag flag Mathematics++: Selected Topics Beyond the Basic Courses (Student Mathematical Library) Kantor, Ida.


  1. Measure
  2. High Dimensional Geometry
  3. Fourier Analysis
  4. Representations of Finite Groups
  5. Polynomials
  6. Topology

Chapter 6 - Topology. Contains a relatively gentle introduction to homology.

flag flag flag flag flag flag Graphs, Surfaces and Homology - Peter Giblin.
Builds up to homology groups via graphs and simplicial complexes.


flag flag flag flag flag flag Algebraic Topology - Allen Hatcher. Freely available online here
flag flag flag flag flag flag Computational Geometry - Algorithms and Applications by Mark de Berg, Otfried Cheong, Marc van Kreveld and Mark Overmars
This book looks at the algorithms from a computer science, rather than pure mathematics, point-of-view. So homotopy or homology is not mentioned but subjects like Voronoi Diagrams, Delauney Triangulations, Convex Hulls and many similar topics are covered.


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