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By: Yosi Hakel (t0xin) - 2008-02-28 19:29
I would really appreciate it if you could help me out regarding the lookAt() function here 
My situation is very simple 
My camera is located at point (0,0,0) 
I want to point it towards point (a,b,c) (i.e. orient the camera such that it looks at it) 
My only means of pointing/orienting the camera are EULER ANGLES (this is dictated to me by third party libraries which I cannot change) 
so my approach is very simple 
1) Build a lookAt matrix using the code from said link: 
lookAt(double a, double b, double c, matrix& m) 

vector3 up(0, 1, 0); 
vector3 z(a, b, c);  
vector3 x( up * z ); // x = up cross z  
vector3 y( z * x ); // y = z cross x  
m.set_components(x,y,z );  

2) Convert the lookAt matrix to Euler angles using the code from
rotate(matrix m)  

if (m.m10 > 0.998) { // singularity at north pole 
heading = Math.atan2(m.m02,m.m22); 
attitude = Math.PI/2; 
bank = 0; 

if (m.m10 < -0.998) { // singularity at south pole 
heading = Math.atan2(m.m02,m.m22); 
attitude = -Math.PI/2; 
bank = 0; 

heading = Math.atan2(-m.m20,m.m00); 
bank = Math.atan2(-m.m12,m.m11); 
attitude = Math.asin(m.m10); 

But the Euler angles I get don't make sense to me 
For example, using this code for the vector (0,0,1) (i.e. standing at (0,0,0) trying to look at (0, 0, 1)) produces:  
heading = attitude = bank = 0  
Whereas I'd expect : 
heading = +/-180 degs 
attitude = 0  
bank = don't care 
since we're basically looking in the direction of the Z axis 
Another example, trying to look at the vector (1,1,1) (again standing at (0,0,0)) produces 
heading = attitude = 0 
bank= ~35 degs 
Again I don't understand it, I would expect something like 
heading = 135 degs 
attitude= -45 degs 
bank= don't care 
Since we're looking at a vector symmetrical to all axes (thus 45 and 90+45 degs) 
I'm probably missing something and/or doing something wrong, so again, I would appreciate your help 
Thanks a lot in advance, 
P.S. I am aware that there's a problem when the up vector (0, 1, 0) is parallel to the vector I want to look at, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it (or at least try to...)

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