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About Eclipse

Eclipse is an open source IDE or tools platform.

IBM released its own source code into the project in 2001 and set up a consortium to run the project. In February 2004 it became an independent not for profit corporation called the Eclipse Foundation.

It is written in Java but uses its own GUI framework SWT instead of Swing. It does allow users applications to be created with either SWT or Swing. SWT is uses native calls to the operating system instead of emulating the controls in the GUI library as Swing does. Also Swing uses the MVC Model View Controller model whereas SWT uses a more direct, lower level, API.

Eclipse consists of a general purpose platform which is very extendable by adding plugins. So it can be used as a Java development system, or C++, or PHP, or it could be anything else if you write the plugins for it.

Installing Eclipse

The install is very simple (in fact there is no install program as such) all we need to do is extract the files into the required directory, as explained on install page.


In addition to supporting Java and various other languages Eclipse has a very powerful model architecture which a allows the creation of other computer languages.

The following components support such Domain Specific Languages (DSL):

Model To Text

Model To Model

Concrete Syntax Development


Reverse Engineering

Runtime and Tools

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