Eclipse GMF

The GMF Runtime has a set of frameworks to help the development of Eclipse graphical editors:

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Eclipse UML2 Tools and Graphical Modelling Framework (GMF)


eclipse gmf diagram

The data for this diagram is held in these files:

Generating EMF Model

Create Project

Start Eclipse and make sure any existing projects are closed.

Menu -> File -> New -> Project

eclipse gmf

select 'new CMF Project' the next

eclipse gmf project name


press 'Next' and in next page enable 'dashboard'

then 'Finish'

File -> New -> Package

give it name: mathModel

eclipse emf

Create the following interfaces

Right click on model folder

new -> other -> emf models

eclipse gmf

Change the folder to "model"

filename = mathModel.genmodel



select this in the package explorer


and right click on 'Es' in es.genmodel and click on 'generate all'

this generates:

Generate Model

Generate the generator model file from annotated java:

Menu -> File -> New -> Eclipse Modeling Framework -> EMF Model

This is explained in more detail on this page.

Create 'Graphical def Model'



derive it from

eclipse gmf


Create 'Tooling Definition Model'

select the file and right click on 'tool registary' select pallette

eclipse gmf




Create 'Mapping Definition Model'








eclipse gmf



metadata block
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