Technology - Shuttle PC - Installing Graphics card and finishing off.

To see the components that I chose and why, goto here first. also unpacking the system here.

I am using the MSI GeForce 6600 128MB DDR, PCI-E, DVI, TV Out, Retail for more information about the options and why I chose this see here.

Remove the warning label.

Undo the screws on the two card blanking plates at the back and hinge up the metal plate:

Insert the card and push it down into socket.

The card seems to pull over to the right as shown below, this would mean that the TV out would be blocked, so I had to push it quite hard to the left as far as I could.

With the card pushed as far as I could to the left I tightened up screws.

As you can see below the TV out is just about free.

I then connected the mains plug, video cable, keyboard and mouse.

I switched on the power at the back and a green LED came on on the circuit board but no fans running.

At this point I had a few seconds panic before I realised that I had not switched on at the front (I guess its safer to put the cover on before switching on!)

When I switched on the fans started up at full power, after a few seconds they automatically throttled back to a quieter level.

I screwed the front feet in, although I may remove them, the soft plastic feet look less likely to scratch things and transmit noise? what do you think?

I pressed the DVD eject button but nothing happened so I had to open up the box and remove the cage enough to adjust the button leaver (see installing DVD). I found it impossible to see the button and the lever at the same time so I had to adjust it by trial and error. Although I managed to get it to work I have to press the button very hard and I sometimes have to press the button several times before it will work.

I think this is because the eject button is relativley small on the LG drive.

I tried various ways to extend the lever without permanently affecting the drive or the shuttle, such as, wrapping a wire round the slider:


But this did not work.

I found that lifting up the cage helped, so I tried putting in a washer but this did not work as it stoped the disk from fitting on the top.

In the end I just stuck some stickers onto the lever:

Go on to BIOS settings.

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