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This is also on the sourceforge feature requests system.

Currently when a node is clicked in the tree window, its properties, such as the attribute types and values are displayed in a text box. This does not allow the attributes to be changed. I propose the ability to insert, delete and edit entities and attributes from within the program.

I would not expect a user of XES to enter a complete program from inside XES because, in most cases, it would be far quicker to type it in its native form and then import it into XES. However once a program has been loaded into XES and the user is working on it, they may find that they need to modify the program, in this case it would probably be quicker to modify from within the program than to do a save-edit-load cycle.

I propose that the properties tab has a row for each possible attribute and each row will contain:

  1. A label giving the attribute name.
  2. A button to add the attribute if it does not exist or to delete it if it does.
  3. A text box to display the attribute if it exists.

In addition there will be buttons to add or delete the node entity that is selected in the tree window.

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