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This is also on the sourceforge feature requests system.

At the moment the program does its translation on one file. This proposed enhancement to the XES program allows a translation or a sequence of operations to be done on multiple files.

For instance, we might want all files in a given directory with the extension .java to be translated to say .h and .cpp files.

User Interface Changes

There will be a new tab called 'batch' this will allow the following information to be entered:

There may be 2 instances of the last two (translate to .cpp and .h).

There should be the ability to store all these parameters in a named file and to load the parameters from it.


When the start button is pressed the program will take each file in turn from the source directly. If it matches the source file filter then read it in using the appropriate parser, then the selected library translation is applied, then apply the translation type (XSLT script) to output it to the specified destination directory.

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