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This proposed enhancement is in the Sourceforge feature request system.

We have already defined a feature to allow entries in the symbol table to be substituted, we need a table as an input to this feature which defines how the class library will be translated between the various languages.

This enhancement is to produce a complete table of all Java packages/classes/methods, interfaces, parameters and annotations. (For Java 5), then to add corresponding entries for C# and Qt class libraries.

Here is a small sample of what is required from java.lang.Math methods:

java C# Qt
package class method package class method package class method
java.lang Math sin System Math Sin      
java.lang Math cos System Math Cos      
java.lang Math tan System Math Tan      
java.lang Math atan2 System Math Atan2      
java.lang Math sqrt System Math Sqrt      
java.lang Math pow System Math Pow      
java.lang Math min System Math Min      

I have put more examples from the lang package here.

These tables were generated using this class which uses introspection to generate the table. To use this class add it as a tab to the full xes program (note this is only intended as a temporary addition to XES to generate the tables, the XES program will use the tables but does not need to generate them at runtime.

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