Eclipse Xtext Debuging using Antlrworks

Antlrworks can help debug a grammar.

It works on a file (in this case generated by Xtext) with a '.g' extension, this is in the src-gen directory.


Download Antlrworks

I went to:

and downloaded the 'antlrworks-1.5.jar' file.

Start Antlrworks

I ran it as follows:

martin@linux-hr12:~> cd antlr
martin@linux-hr12:~/antlr> java -jar antlrworks-1.5.jar

This brings up the following screen:


I clicked on 'Don't Send'


I don't want to create a new grammar but work on an existing one so I clicked cancel when the following wizard came up:


I then opened the '.g' file created by xtext.



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