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Introduction to DirectX:

Directx is a collection of components which are designed to help programmers in order to develop all sorts of Windows multimedia software, games, and other applications that make use of 2D and 3D graphics.

The latest version of DirectX is 9.Which includes new features that enhance the capability of DirectX. With directx 9.0 you have the option that whether you want to write a 2D application or 3D application.

Following are the managed languages supported by DirectX 9.0.

Microsoft Visual C#
Microsoft Visual Basic.NET
Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft JScript.NET

The Breif Introcution of directx 9.0 components are as follows:

DirectX Graphics:

This component combines DirectDraw and Direct3D components.It also includes a extension of Direct3D name D3DX utility library, which simplifies many graphics programming tasks.

DirectDraw: DirectDraw API helps allows you to directly manipulates display memory, blitter, overlays, etc. DirectDraw API is helpful in those application where timing is everything. It can be use for 2D Programming.

Direct3D: As it's name shows , Direct3D API is use for 3D game programming and grapihcs.

Direct Input:

It provides support for various input devices like, Keyboard, Mouse , joystick ..etc. Which you use in your game or any other graphics application to get input from user.Including full support for force-feedback technology.

Direct Sound:

It provides support for playing and capturing prerecorded digital samples. It also support 3D sound.It works with WAV files. For more options you may use DirectMusic.


Handles dynamic sound tracks, 3D sound positioning, and hardware acceleration. Uses MIDI, WAV, and DirectMusic Producer tracks.

Audio Video Playback:

Aallows for playback and simple control of audio and video media.


provides support for multiplayer networked games.


DirectX 9 is also known as Managed DirectX Because this is build for Managed languages.

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