Programming Languages for 3d simulation and games

From: "Tim Lovett"
To: "Martin.Baker"
Subject: C# and games programming
Date: 11 March 2003 23:25

Just read thru your correspondence with Antony re choice of programming
languages C,C++, C#, Java etc. Thanks for the detailed answers - very
helpful. I have the ideas, some animation 3D modelling experience and
want to make a 3D game.
This topic is EXACTLY what I'm deciding at the moment. Since I'm now a
proud owner of Visual Studio Prof and .NET, I presume C# would be my
So, now I'm after some C# 3D demos and tutorials...
Any leads here?
Tim Lovett

From: "Martin.Baker"
To: "Tim Lovett"
Subject: Re: C# and games programming
Date: 12 March 2003 08:07


The original version of Visual Studio does not support 3D windows directly.
This meant that I had to write a wrapper for OpenGL in C++ which I could
then use in C# program, see C# version of my program for details.

However with the release of DirectX9 there is now a Microsoft SDK to allow
DirectX to be used directly by C#. I have not had a chance to look at this
myself but I suggest you download this from the microsoft site and see if
this includes any examples.


From: "Tim Lovett"
To: "Martin.Baker"
Subject: Re: C# and games programming
Date: 14 March 2003 00:00

Yeah, fine - I don't mind being famous.
(even if it's famous for pathetic code)

From: "Martin.Baker"
To: "Tim Lovett"
Subject: Re: C# and games programming
Date: 13 March 2003 16:29

> Thanks Martin
> I'll tell you when I get somewhere.
> Tim


Yes, please do. I am sure any information would be useful to others as well
as myself, so I would like to put anything to send me here, if that's
alright with you?

Thanks Martin

From: "Tim Lovett"
To: "Martin.Baker"
Subject: Re: C# and games programming
Date: 15 March 2003 00:15

The samples are good. Sinusoidal terrain with billboard trees, (like a
cheap MotorCross Madness), tweened dolphin with textured lighting
(nice!), spinning teapot, chrome effect with sphere mapping, fireworks
sample using point sprites. Impressive! Some bump mapping and textured
tiger. Get to see the lobby of Microsoft building with a cube mapped
set of 6 images. (Bit like a 3D viewer only more fisheye. I imagine you
could clip this to lessen the viewing angle and look more natural).
Can't see any speed difference between C# and VB. Anyway C# is almost
legible - unlike C++.
Nice to see some decent samples for a change! Now I have to see if I
can learn this stuff well enough to do what I want.

You need to load the language Dx9 SDK (about 65MB) AND the Dx9 runtime
SDK (85MB). This kept my modem busy. The entire Dx9SDK is 230MB!.

Definitely worth a look.


Thanks this is useful to know.

As you say the downloads are very large (I don't have broadband and my ISP
cuts off after 2 Hours) so I am hoping that this will be bundled in with the
next 'Everett' version of C#.



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