C++ programming with KDevelop - qmake project for mjbModel

# -*- makefile -*-
# qmake project for mjbModel

CONFIG = debug warn_on exceptions stl qt opengl precompile_header thread moc staticlib

win32 {


# we don't want to clobber our sources with nasty artefacts
MOC_DIR = mocs
DESTDIR = build


HEADERS += stable.h property.h
HEADERS += baseEditor.h nodeBean.h mfparam.h sfnode.h mfnode.h
HEADERS += sfbool.h sfint32.h mfint32.h sfparam.h sfboolEditor.h
HEADERS += protoInstanceBean.h sftransform.h
HEADERS += sfvec3f.h sfvec3fEditor.h mfvec3f.h mfvec2f.h sfvec2f.h
HEADERS += sfrotation.h sfrotationEditor.h sftime.h mfrotation.h sfmulti3d.h
HEADERS += sfstring.h mfstring.h
HEADERS += mfpropertyMap.h sfpropertyMap.h sfcolor.h sffloat.h sfimage.h sfimageEditor.h mffloat.h mfcolor.h sfedge.h mfedge.h
HEADERS += d_editProperty.h
HEADERS += sfvec2fEditor.h d_editTable.h arrayEditor.h sftransformEditor.h
HEADERS += sfnodeEditor.h sfstringEditor.h sftimeEditor.h sfint32Editor.h
HEADERS += sfcolorEditor.h sffloatEditor.h colCanvas.h
HEADERS += routeBean.h sceneBean.h linkBean.h groupBean.h
HEADERS += worldInfoBean.h
HEADERS += visibilitySensorBean.h
HEADERS += metadataDoubleBean.h metadataFloatBean.h metadataIntegerBean.h
HEADERS += metadataSetBean.h metadataStringBean.h metadataBean.h
HEADERS += transformGroupBean.h viewPlatformBean.h d_button.h
HEADERS += constraintBean.h touchSensorBean.h timeSensorBean.h
HEADERS += textureTransformBean.h textureCoordinateBean.h
HEADERS += pixelTextureBean.h materialBean.h textureBean.h textureAttributesBean.h
HEADERS += fontStyleBean.h textBean.h
HEADERS += protoBean.h externProtoBean.h texCoordGenerationBean.h
HEADERS += lightBean.h pointLightBean.h switchBean.h spotLightBean.h
HEADERS += sphereSensorBean.h sphereBean.h soundscapeBean.h audioClipBean.h
HEADERS += soundBean.h sharedGroupBean.h shape3dBean.h scriptBean.h scoreBean.h
HEADERS += scalarInterpolatorBean.h renderingAttributesBean.h rasterBean.h
HEADERS += proximitySensorBean.h positionInterpolatorBean.h polygonAttributesBean.h
HEADERS += pointSetBean.h pointAttributesBean.h planeSensorBean.h particleBean.h
HEADERS += particleArrayBean.h orientationInterpolatorBean.h orderedGroupBean.h
HEADERS += normalInterpolatorBean.h normalBean.h navigationInfoBean.h
HEADERS += controlPointBean.h multipleBean.h movieTextureBean.h morphBean.h
HEADERS += loadTimeScriptBean.h behaviorBean.h mjbModel.h lodBean.h
HEADERS += checkOptionsDialog.h kinematicsBean.h inlineBean.h indexedLineSetBean.h
HEADERS += imageTextureBean.h coordinateBean.h colorBean.h ifsBean.h fogBean.h
HEADERS += blobBean.h geometryBean.h extrusionBean.h elivationGridBean.h
HEADERS += dynamicsBean.h directionalLightBean.h decalGroupBean.h d_checkbox.h
HEADERS += d_simplify.h cylinderSensorBean.h cylinderBean.h
HEADERS += coordinateInterpolatorBean.h coneBean.h commentBean.h
HEADERS += coloringAttributesBean.h colorInterpolatorBean.h collisionDetectBean.h
HEADERS += collisionActionBean.h collisionBean.h clipBean.h boxBean.h
HEADERS += billboardBean.h behaviorCollision.h backgroundBean.h appearanceBean.h
HEADERS += errorBean.h lineAttributesBean.h anchorBean.h ambientLightBean.h
HEADERS += BoundsEditor.h noBean.h

SOURCES += properties.cpp sfparam.cpp nodeBean.cpp mfparam.cpp
SOURCES += sfbool.cpp sfboolEditor.cpp protoInstanceBean.cpp routeEvent.cpp
SOURCES += sfvec3f.cpp sfvec3fEditor.cpp mfvec3f.cpp mfvec2f.cpp sfvec2f.cpp
SOURCES += sfrotation.cpp sfrotationEditor.cpp sftransform.cpp mfpropertyMap.cpp sfpropertyMap.cpp sftime.cpp mfrotation.cpp sfmulti3d.cpp
SOURCES += sfint32.cpp mfint32.cpp sfnode.cpp mfnode.cpp routePropertyChange.cpp
SOURCES += sfstring.cpp mfstring.cpp sceneBean.cpp groupBean.cpp
SOURCES += sfcolor.cpp sffloat.cpp sfimage.cpp sfimageEditor.cpp mffloat.cpp mfcolor.cpp sfedge.cpp mfedge.cpp
SOURCES += baseEditor.cpp d_editProperty.cpp
SOURCES += arrayEditor.cpp d_editTable.cpp sfvec2fEditor.cpp sftransformEditor.cpp
SOURCES += sfnodeEditor.cpp sfstringEditor.cpp sftimeEditor.cpp sfint32Editor.cpp
SOURCES += sfcolorEditor.cpp sffloatEditor.cpp colCanvas.cpp
SOURCES += routeBean.cpp linkBean.cpp worldInfoBean.cpp triangleHolder.cpp
SOURCES += visibilitySensorBean.cpp
SOURCES += metadataDoubleBean.cpp metadataFloatBean.cpp metadataIntegerBean.cpp
SOURCES += metadataSetBean.cpp metadataStringBean.cpp metadataBean.cpp
SOURCES += transformGroupBean.cpp viewPlatformBean.cpp d_button.cpp
SOURCES += vetoPropertyChange.cpp constraintBean.cpp touchSensorBean.cpp
SOURCES += timeSensorBean.cpp textureTransformBean.cpp textureCoordinateBean.cpp
SOURCES += pixelTextureBean.cpp materialBean.cpp textureBean.cpp
SOURCES += textureAttributesBean.cpp fontStyleBean.cpp textBean.cpp
SOURCES += protoBean.cpp externProtoBean.cpp
SOURCES += lightBean.cpp pointLightBean.cpp texCoordGenerationBean.cpp switchBean.cpp
SOURCES += spotLightBean.cpp sphereSensorBean.cpp sphereBean.cpp soundscapeBean.cpp
SOURCES += audioClipBean.cpp soundBean.cpp sharedGroupBean.cpp shape3dBean.cpp
SOURCES += scriptBean.cpp scoreBean.cpp scalarInterpolatorBean.cpp
SOURCES += renderingAttributesBean.cpp rasterBean.cpp proximitySensorBean.cpp
SOURCES += positionInterpolatorBean.cpp polygonAttributesBean.cpp pointSetBean.cpp
SOURCES += pointAttributesBean.cpp planeSensorBean.cpp particleBean.cpp
SOURCES += particleArrayBean.cpp orientationInterpolatorBean.cpp orderedGroupBean.cpp
SOURCES += normalInterpolatorBean.cpp normalBean.cpp navigationInfoBean.cpp
SOURCES += controlPointBean.cpp multipleBean.cpp movieTextureBean.cpp morphBean.cpp
SOURCES += behaviorBean.cpp mjbModel.cpp lodBean.cpp
SOURCES += loadTimeScriptBean.cpp checkOptionsDialog.cpp kinematicsBean.cpp
SOURCES += inlineBean.cpp indexedLineSetBean.cpp imageTextureBean.cpp
SOURCES += coordinateBean.cpp colorBean.cpp ifsBean.cpp fogBean.cpp blobBean.cpp
SOURCES += geometryBean.cpp extrusionBean.cpp elivationGridBean.cpp
SOURCES += dynamicsBean.cpp directionalLightBean.cpp decalGroupBean.cpp
SOURCES += d_checkbox.cpp d_simplify.cpp cylinderSensorBean.cpp cylinderBean.cpp
SOURCES += coordinateInterpolatorBean.cpp coneBean.cpp commentBean.cpp
SOURCES += coloringAttributesBean.cpp colorInterpolatorBean.cpp
SOURCES += collisionDetectBean.cpp collisionActionBean.cpp collisionBean.cpp
SOURCES += clipBean.cpp boxBean.cpp billboardBean.cpp behaviorCollision.cpp
SOURCES += backgroundBean.cpp appearanceBean.cpp lineAttributesBean.cpp
SOURCES += errorBean.cpp anchorBean.cpp ambientLightBean.cpp
SOURCES += BoundsEditor.cpp noBean.cpp

# HEADERS thought unneeded:
# properties.h modelEvent.h filter.h
# di_tableupdate.h
# sffactory.h
# routeEvent.h
# vetoPropertyChange.h
# routePropertyChange.h
# triangleHolder.h

# SOURCES thought unneeded:
# di_tableupdate.cpp

metadata block
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