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By: Andreas Keil (akeil) - 2007-06-13 14:10
Hi Martin, 
first of all, thanks a lot for your effort in putting up this really huge website (in terms of contained information). I used a few of your conversion routines and during testing them I think, I found a small bug in the Matrix to AxisAngle conversion: 
The special case of a 180° rotation around one of the basis vectors is not handled correctly. The test 
Abs(m01+m10)<0.001 and Abs(m02+m20)<0.001 and Abs(m12+m21)<0.001 
if (Math.abs(m01+m10)<epsilon and Math.abs(m02+m20)<epsilon and Math.abs(m12+m21)<0.1) 
as you put it in the Java code, does not only detect identity matrices but also 180° rotations around the x, y, or z axis. My proposed correction would be 
Abs(m01+m10)<0.001 and Abs(m02+m20)<0.001 and Abs(m12+m21)<0.001 and Abs(m00+m11+m22-3)<0.001 
if (Math.abs(m01+m10)<0.001 and Math.abs(m02+m20)<0.001 and Math.abs(m12+m21)<0.001 and Math.abs(m00+m11+m22-3)<0.001) 
respectively. This ensures that really only identity matrices are handled by this case and matrices with one 1 and two -1s are taken care of in the 180° case instead. 
There might be better criteria for detecting identity matrices but this one only adds one more check to the existing code. Let me know what you think about it. 
Thanks again, 

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