Commercial 3D Editors

see also Commercial games generation software

These programs allow you to build and view 3D models of the world. In some cases they can produce animations and some have scripting but they are are not really programming environment.

I don't claim to have a lot of experience using commercial editors. I list them here to show what is available on the market.

cover Adobe Dimensions 3.0 Win

cover Cinema 4D GO 5.0 Win - A 3D modelling tool

cover Cinema 4D ART 6.0 Win

cover The Cinema 4d R8 Handbook (Graphics Series) - Book about how to use Cinema 4D software

cover EOVIA Carrara Studio 2 (Windows) - This is a commercial 3D modelling tool with some Physics simulation. I think it is aimed at games and animations, not for accurate physics simulation. Eovia (

See carrara site for information about version 3 launch in Sept 2003.

cover Carrara 3D Basics - A simpler low cost version



cover Amapi 3-D 5

cover Amorphium Pro 1.1

cover My 3D Animator

cover Strata 3D 3.0 cover Strata 3D Pro

cover CAD 3D / Landscape Design 3D

cover Simply 3D 3.0

Do 3D

Human Animation

cover Poser 7 - Allows you to animate the provided human / animal models


cover Bryce 5 - allows you to build landscapes.

cover The Bryce 5 Handbook (Graphic Series) - Shows how to build landscapes using Bryce



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By: nobody ( Nobody/Anonymous )
Commercial 3d software  
2002-09-25 07:15

Maybe u want to add
ac3d, a 3d Modeler with good import export filters
to your list of Commercial 3d software

I was looking and testing 3d modeler for linux a whole week.
As it costs only 40$ and is one of the few programs for linux,
i recommed it greatly!

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