mjbWorld Users Guide - Animation - Adding Interpolators

This page shows how to animate an individual parameter by automatically adding the correct interpolator and associated nodes. Multiple parameters can be animated by repeating this procedure. If you wanted to add these nodes manually to understand the issues more fully, this is described here.

We start the mjbWorld program and load a suitable model to animate, in this case the model from the human hand animation but it could be any model.

We then select the node which contains the parameter to be animated, in this case 'littlefinger'.

If, for example, we want to animate the 'rotation' parameter we click on the square box next to 'rotation' as shown above.

When we click on this we get the following dialog box which gives information about the parameter, in this case a 'SFRotation' parameter, but other types such as 'SFVec3f', 'SFColor', etc. can also be animated.

We click on 'Animate' which brings up a further dialog:

This dialog allows us to specify information about the nodes generated as follows:

When we are happy with the values set we can press OK to generate the nodes specified.

As you can see in the screenshot above this will generate upto four nodes:

To animate the movement click on the 'edit' button next to 'keyValue', this will display a table as shown:

The default values in the diagram shows all values have x=0, y=0 and z =1, this means that the rotation will be around the z axis, edit the values to change the rotation. For other interpolators such as vector3d or color use appropriate values.

Click on the green 'play' button to see the animation.

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