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Since the program is intended to be an extendable framework, I think these are phase 1 objectives and if this goes well there should be further phases.

  1. To write and document a program which will allow users to:
    1. Create 3D models
    2. Edit existing 3D models
    3. Display and explore 3D Worlds.
  2. Allow people, who are not experts in 3D work, to create and manipulate interesting 3D worlds.
  3. The user should be able to create and manipulate:
    Simple shapes.
    Simple behaviours.
  4. The program should use existing open standards such as: Java, VRML, Java3D, JavaBeans, and other storage and rendering standards.
  5. The program should be easily expandable, as far as possible by runtime plugins, or otherwise by extending classes at build time. Plug-ins should allow the addition of:
    New shapes
    New storage formats
    New behaviours
    New tools
  6. The design of the program should be highly scaleable, the design should not impose limits (beyond the underling Java3D and platform limits) such as:
    No limit to number of shapes supported.
    No limit to complexity of shapes (number of triangles)
    No limit to resolution (such as allowing double and float)
  7. Performance should be good enough for realtime editing and simple simulations and games. The user of a reasonably upto date machine should be able to use large models with:
    1. Reasonable load and save times.
    2. Reasonable screen refresh rates
    3. Acceptable delays in mouse interactions, etc.
  8. Physics modelling.
  9. More powerful games framework.
  10. More powerful modelling, such as bones/IK etc.

human model generator

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