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The following classes form a parallel structure to the Scene Graph and cross linked to it. See Programmers Guide.

The either store the persistent information or have access to it, therefore they can be serialised.

I have separated this package out in preparation for conversion to beans, but that's not yet complete so they are not valid beans.

Initially the beans could be used to build a scene graph at build time (not sure what benefit this would give as the program builds the model at runtime) but it would be an interesting extra capability to be able to build a scene graph from within a programming environment like JBuilder. And it does give us a standard set of interfaces to add capability at runtime.

nodeBean.java nodeBeanInfo.java base functionality, other nodes subclass these.
controlPointBean.java controlPointBeanInfo.java  
morphBean.java morphBeanInfo.java  
errorBean.java errorBeanInfo.java  
switchBean.java switchBeanInfo.java  
linkBean.java linkBeanInfo.java  
sphereBean.java sphereBeanInfo.java  
ambientLightBean.java ambientLightBeanInfo.java  
clipBean.java clipBeanInfo.java  
globalBean.java globalBeanInfo.java  
sceneBean.java sceneBeanInfo.java  
transform3dBean.java transform3dBeanInfo.java  
geometryBean.java geometryBeanInfo.java  
cylinderBean.java cylinderBeanInfo.java  
boxBean.java boxBeanInfo.java  
coneBean.java coneBeanInfo.java  
textBean.java textBeanInfo.java  
ifsBean.java ifsBeanInfo.java  
blobBean.java blobBeanInfo.java customised version of ifs for non-rigid shapes
branchGroupBean.java branchGroupBeanInfo.java  
lightBean.java lightBeanInfo.java  
localeBean.java localeBeanInfo.java  
rootBean.java rootBeanInfo.java  
viewPlatformBean.java viewPlatformBeanInfo.java  
rasterBean.java rasterBeanInfo.java  
shape3dBean.java shape3dBeanInfo.java  
behaviorBean.java behaviorBeanInfo.java  
colorBean.java colorBeanInfo.java  
coordinateBean.java coordinateBeanInfo.java  
textureCoordinateBean.java textureCoordinateBeanInfo.java  
appearanceBean.java appearanceBeanInfo.java  
renderingAttributesBean.java renderingAttributesBeanInfo.java  
normalBean.java normalBeanInfo.java  
texCoordGenerationBean.java texCoordGenerationBeanInfo.java  
transformGroupBean.java transformGroupBeanInfo.java  
coloringAttributesBean.java coloringAttributesBeanInfo.java  
textureBean.java textureBeanInfo.java  
textureAttributesBean.java textureAttributesBeanInfo.java  
pointAttributesBean.java pointAttributesBeanInfo.java  
lineAttributesBean.java lineAttributesBeanInfo.java  
directionalLightBean.java directionalLightBeanInfo.java  
polygonAttributesBean.java polygonAttributesBeanInfo.java  
transparencyAttributesBean.java transparencyAttributesBeanInfo.java  
grappleBean.java grappleBeanInfo.java  
meshBean.java meshBeanInfo.java  
orderedGroupBean.java orderedGroupBeanInfo.java  
sharedGroupBean.java sharedGroupBeanInfo.java  
backgroundBean.java backgroundBeanInfo.java  
fogBean.java fogBeanInfo.java  
soundBean.java soundBeanInfo.java  
soundscapeBean.java soundscapeBeanInfo.java  
spotLightBean.java spotLightBeanInfo.java  
pointLightBean.java pointLightBeanInfo.java  
movementBean.java movementBeanInfo.java  
groupBean.java groupBeanInfo.java  
protoBean.java protoBeanInfo.java  
routeBean.java routeBeanInfo.java  
elivationGridBean.java elivationGridBeanInfo.java  
extrusionBean.java extrusionBeanInfo.java  
decalGroupBean.java decalGroupBeanInfo.java  
materialBean.java materialBeanInfo.java  

The following classes are parameters used in the above classes.

The following classes are editors for the parameters

The following classes are extensions of scene graph objects

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